Totally Turmeric: The Complete Guide

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Totally Turmeric: Your Complete Guide to Turmeric
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 6 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone Coping with Depression


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The “Magic” Behind Diet Pills Isn’t So Magical

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Instant ecare Clinically Proven Weight Loss

Everyone is on the lookout for that “magic pill” that can change how we look with a quick sip of water. Ads want us to believe that not only does it exist, but it exists naturally. But that’s just not true.

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A Tiny Glimpse at How Social Anxiety Feels

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I was seated on the morning bus that took me to and from my high school. I wasn’t too close to the back, where the juniors and seniors huddled together, but I wasn’t too close to the front where the “fresh meat” sat – kids who chatted loudly and often brought down the wrath of the older kids upon them in the afternoon when everyone was more awake and well…vengeful.

I was hoping I had picked the correct seat today – there really wasn’t anyway of knowing beforehand. I was also hoping my hair was perfectly in place, that the hood to my jacket wasn’t resting in an awkward position, that my music (though quiet) wasn’t somehow able to be heard by anyone around me. I tried not to move much – my head, my hands, my shoulders, my legs. If I was perfectly still, if my hair was perfectly in place, if my clothes were wrinkle free and hidden beneath the glow of the morning light, I should be okay.

But I forgot.

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5 Health Ways to Curb a Chocolate Craving

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Chocolate cravings attack us at all hours of the day. But to be honest, as delicious as it is, chocolate isn’t the best option for our healthy diets. Although it’s beloved, the calories and sugar in chocolate are sky high and can lead to the development of harmful illnesses and diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

To prevent that, here are 5 ways to reduce chocolate cravings with healthier options that work and are just as yummy as chocolate!

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Period Delay for a Better Day

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Period Delay Blod Pic copy

To put it plainly, periods suck. For us women, Mother Nature hasn’t always been the most forgiving. Yes, there are times when we’re desperately waiting to see if our menstrual cycle will begin. Like, for instance, if we’re waiting to see whether or not this will be the first month of nine with the possibility of baby development. And if not, we get to say adios baby fears – maybe I’ll see you later

Planning around Periods isn’t exactly on our fun-things-to-do-list. It’s great we now have apps that let us know ahead of time when our period will start, but it would be so much better if we could schedule our periods instead of it scheduling us.

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