The “Magic” Behind Diet Pills Isn’t So Magical

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Everyone is on the lookout for that “magic pill” that can change how we look with a quick sip of water. Ads want us to believe that not only does it exist, but it exists naturally. But that’s just not true.

We’re all busy. We have a laundry list of things we have to do everyday. Exercising and eating right isn’t always a priority, even when we really want it to be. Life and all its blessings (and not-so-blessings) sometimes stand in our way.

So if a quick fix that can get results – and get them fast – appears on the side of our browser or from word of mouth by a friend who swears this works – we jump on it.

But should we be so quick to believe in the magic?

The Most Common Illegal Ingredient in Diet Pills

The truth is, many diet pills are either:

  • Dangerous to our health
  • Don’t work as advertised
  • Or a combination of the two

Many diet pills actually have the compound similar to amphetamine, which is a drug used to treat kids with ADD. But it also is quite addictive and can affect moods that is not exactly the results we’re looking for. And if you’re looking for that name on the bottle, you won’t find it.

What you may find in its place is Acacia rigidula – believed to help with burning fat and to shed pounds, and although said to be “natural” it’s actually illegal by FDA standards. It’s the name linked to the compound similar to amphetamine. Crazy huh?

It’s not healthy for you. In fact it can lead to stroke and addiction. For the tiny chance it can help you slim down, the associated problems mentioned above shouldn’t be worth risking your long-term health for.

So instead, let’s avoid any diet pills you find with Acacia rigidula attached to the bottle.

Diet Pills to Watch Out For

Even the “natural” pills and extracts, though sounding like a healthy solution to our problems, often ends up being just a marketing tool to steal our money without getting any of the weight loss results we were looking for. Here are a few popular supplements on the market that are said to give us mind-blowing healthy weight loss but actually just fall flat.

Green Coffee Bean Extract
Sounds healthy, doesn’t it? Not just because “green” was thrown into the title, but also because former talk show host Dr. Oz used flowery language to sell this extract to the masses. He claimed it was the “magical weight loss cure” of our time but the facts are, there isn’t any unbiased testing that proves people loss weight by adding this to their diet.

There was a study though on how green coffee bean extract worked with mice. Published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the only thing they could prove is unhealthy amounts of fat generated in the liver of mice. That doesn’t exactly make me want to rush out and pick some of this extract up, how about you?

Ketone Supplements
Raspberry Ketone supplements have been flying off the shelves. Promoted by celebrity doctors and authorities in the realm of weight loss, this supplement is supposed to regulate metabolism by increasing our body’s amount of adiponectin – which is just a fancy name for the protein that helps with our metabolism and breaks down fats in our bodies.

Did I mention these supplements are expensive? If we’re expected to pay around hundreds for 3 months of pills, there better be evidence it can help us shed some pounds, preferably related to humans and not animals. But unfortunately for us, there isn’t one study that says these pills are fit to be taken by humans! That’s a lot of money to pay in a year for some aromatic pills that may not even be healthy.

Caffeine Supplements
People are led to believe that caffeine pills lead to weight loss and melt the fat right off. But even if you were to take them with a healthy diet it honestly won’t make much of a difference. Except maybe some added depression, anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia if you’re on the hunt for that. And did I mention it could become addictive? If you go over 250 milligrams per day, bad things begin to happen that have absolutely no relation to you losing any weight like you imagined.

Problem is, caffeine pills are much cheaper than other diet pills. People take them, and they take a lot, but not much happens in the shedding pounds department. Skip them, because they’re more trouble than they’re worth in the end.

Healthy Weight loss Options

Okay. Phew. We made it.

Are you still in need of some help managing your weight? We got you covered.

Now if you’re still looking for weight loss pills, let me point you in a safe but convenient location to purchase FDA and clinically proven supplements from professionals.

Instant e-Care Online Doctor and Pharmacy provides you with a safe method to buy weight loss pills and gives you the cost, informational background and any warnings up front.

The weight loss treatments offered by Instant e-Care work by preventing your body from absorbing fats from your diet. No magic theory, just science. Xenical and Orlistat blocks about 30% of the fat you eat from being absorbed. It isn’t a magic and it wont make you thin over night, for every 2 lb you work to lose through healthy eating, these prescription weight loss pills can help you lose 1 lb more.

No shady business. No flowery language. Just a few people looking to help you be healthy and safe on your weight loss journey for an affordable price.

There’s a lot of lies out there about magical diet pills. We help you sort through the truth.


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