5 Health Ways to Curb a Chocolate Craving

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Chocolate cravings attack us at all hours of the day. But to be honest, as delicious as it is, chocolate isn’t the best option for our healthy diets. Although it’s beloved, the calories and sugar in chocolate are sky high and can lead to the development of harmful illnesses and diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

To prevent that, here are 5 ways to reduce chocolate cravings with healthier options that work and are just as yummy as chocolate!

1. Pick up some of Nature’s Candy

The absolute quickest and most accessible alternative for chocolate cravings is our favourite fruits. Fruit may have sugar, but it’s the good kind. Nature’s candy is packed with nutrients, it’s delicious, and fills us up.

2. Sweeten Up Your Water

Add some fruit to your mundane water and not only keep yourself hydrated, but curb those unhealthy cravings at the same time. Put some lemons, strawberries or your fruit of choice in your water and let the fruity taste naturally blend together.


Photo Credit: Tower Girl via Compfight cc

3. Add in Some Peanut butter

The more natural the better! Whether you have it on toast or with some apple slices, peanut butter is a delicious alternative to fill the void chocolate cravings leave you with. But be sure to avoid peanut butter filled with unnecessary sugar and chemicals.

4. Freeze Your Grapes

A snack that lasts a long time and needs nothing else added to be sweet and filling. Toss a few in your freezer, wait a few hours, and you’ll have an amazing treat that will melt your cravings away.


Photo credit: Double Boiling Chocolate Chips and Chunks via photopin (license)

5. Sprinkle in Dark Chocolate

Not all chocolate is bad for you. Dark chocolate offers antioxidants (keeping you beautiful for longer) and fights against diabetes, high cholesterol, and many other illnesses. Finding pure dark chocolate without added nuts and fillings are the best for your health.


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